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Восемь француженок

Восемь француженок

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Информация о фильме
Название: Восемь француженок
Оригинальное название: 8 Francaises
Год выхода: 2012
Жанр: Feature, Anal, Oral, Cunnilingus, Threesomes, Double Penetration, PornStars, Big Tits
Режиссер: Herve Bodilis
В ролях: Gina Summers, Clanddi Jinkcego, Cristale Rock, Liza Del Sierra, Sabrina Sweet, Betty Beniski, Cerise, Nasta Zya

О фильме: Legendary director Herve Bodilis is bringing in some girls to perform for him for the first time. Some are newcomers to the industry and others are experienced porn stars, but none of them have had the pleasure of having Herve Bodilis’ camera trained on them. They enter the premises discreetly, and the transformation begins. Once they’re gorgeous bodies are adorned with magnificent lingerie, you will discover true femmes fatales, eager to surrender themselves to the most extreme sexual experiments. They get aroused by the fact they’re being filmed almost as much as by the intense orgasms their partners give them. Enjoying one or two dicks at a time, performing a legendary strip tease, or playing lesbian games with huge dildos, they will each demonstrate the notorious French sensuality. This is your invitation to discover the sexiest porn stars in France!

Выпущено: France / Marc Dorcel
Продолжительность: 01:25:51
Язык: Aнглийский

Формат: MP4
Качество: WEB-DLRip 720p
Видео: H.264, 1280x720 (16:9), 25.00 fps, 4000 kbps, 0.17 bit/pixel
Звук: 44.1 kHz, AAC, 2 ch, 192 kbps



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Общий размер: 2,51 Gb
SHA Hash: c6925c08c442bc941ed76d94d9b7d214c2631b32

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