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Katerina Kay

Katerina Kay

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Название: Hot Blonde Teen Takes Huge Black Cock
Жанр: all sex, IR, big dick, blonde, teen
В ролях: Katerina Kay

Описание: Today’s update is insane! Bringing you one of our BLACKED exclusives just for you guys. We found a true gem, After you watch this you’re going to be sending me thank you emails! Katerina is an incredibly beautiful southern girl from New Orleans. She’s only 20 and has never been with a black man before. Her big ass is amazing and her smile is incredible. At first Katerina was a bit shocked by Prince’s monster black dick but she got used to it pretty fast and started sucking it while drooling and spitting all over it. Prince was so into her he fucked her super hard until she came and wanted more big black cock in her! They fucked like crazy for like 30 minutes non-stop. Southern girls are awesome!

Продолжительность: 00:41:31

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