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Dangerous Tides

 Dangerous Tides

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The cruiseship Adreanna has set sail to Mexico. On board are berthed a group of sex crazed swingers, ready for some fun in the sun. Who's in charge of these hot blooded hedonists? None other than that gorgeous nymph, Jenna Jameson. Well, everything's just shipshape until they receive a dubious distress call from a sinking ship...The passengers are blissfully unaware as they frolic around on deck (a 7 girl orgy). Turns out the shipwreck victims are none other than a bunch of terrorists hell-bent on taking over the ship. Not if Jenna can help it.

The individuals appearing in this feature are verified to be 18 years of age or older.

Ruby | Alexandra Silk | Steve Drake | Mike Horner | Jenna Jameson | Vince Voyeur | Eric Price | Nici Sterling | Melissa Hill | Missy | Charlie | Yvonne | Brad Armstrong | Mickey | Angelica Sin | Wild Oscar | Barocca | Antonia

Brad Armstrong

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