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Femmes par derri?re

 Femmes par derri?re
—трана: ‘ранци€/√ермани€
–ежиссер: Mike Strong (Pierre B. Reinhard)
¬ рол€х: B?atrice Vidal
Diane Suresne as Diane Vernon?
Laura Clair plays the wife
Marie-Christine Chireix as ?
Tanya Valis as?
Vicky d'Orsel
Betty Sain Lorent
Jean-Pierre Armand

Laura Clair's husband can't get it up. Frustrated, she drags her butler into her bath, but she is also willing to allow her husband to try other (professional) women and to participate in orgies organised by one of them, Tanya Valis, involving other women and other men, including the butler, which her husband watches.
Finally her husband is sufficiently stimulated to get hard and satsify her.

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