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Das s?ndige Bett

 Das s?ndige Bett
Страна: Германия
Студия: City Film
Режиссер: Ralf Gregan
В ролях:
Heidrun Hankammer
Knut Reschke ...G?tz Rohde
Waltraud Habicht ... Fr?ulein Pasulke
Arthur Binder ... Gustav Klabuttke
Judith Fritsch ... Iris Klabuttke
Karl-Heinz Bauer ... Peter H?drich
Lore Calvies ... Frau Klabuttke
Rebekka Susmean
Claus Jurichs ... Karlchen Bernbach
Dorothea Thiel
Herbert ?belmesser ... Karlchens Freund
Lilo Hartmann ... Dienstm?dchen
Evelyn K?nneke ... Frau Schindler
Renate Heuer ... Eva
Wilfried Jan Heyn ... SS Mann

Back when i was a teen i remember seeing a movie called Sinful Bed. It seemed that it could have been an international film (probably European). Basically it was a story in the perspective of the bed, and all the people who had the pleasure of using it. Starting before WWI and continuing to what was then present day (1972). It was definitely an interesting film, and i'm surprised more people haven't seen it. It has to have been fifteen years since i saw this film and it has stuck with me all this time. I have vivid recollections of the plot and various scenarios within the film. From the opening credits to the films close. It may have been mildly pornographic (which was probably why we rented it in the first place). But had more story, and held your interest better than your average Baby Blue flick. It's worth digging out.

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