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Der Saft Mub Raus

 Der Saft Mub Raus

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Страна: Германия
язык немецкий
Studio: Classic & Vintage
Director: Christian Lara
Stars: Gabriel Pontello, Catherine Ringer, Daniele Troeger, Michele Perello, Luc Templar, Chantal Fourquet, Paul-Clement Devigny, Jean Moore, Elizabeth Graine

Corps Brulants (literally translates to "Burning Body"), the 1976 Christian Lara French sexploitation movie starring Michele Perello, Luc Templar, Chantal Fourquet, Gabriel Pontello, and Jean Moore is A coming-of-age drama, with overtones of Summer of 42, but it doesn't take widowhood to persuade the older woman to initiate the youth into manhood. In the opening sequence, from a vantage point in the dunes, Eric (Luc Templar) sees Helene (Mich?le Perello) being chased along a beach by Francois. She is caught and they have sex. Later Eric spies on them in Helene's house. It isn't absolutely clear which scenes are Eric's fantasies and which he spies on, but there is an orgy scene in which Corinne (Chantal Fourquet) is lying naked in a pram, surrounded by other people, some naked, some dressed, some with masks and some with wigs. She nibbles at a penis as if it was a nipple. Then a full-blown orgy develops also involving Catherine Ringer, a girl in a white wig and maybe Sylvia Bourdon. Later Eric gives Helene a lift on his motorized push-bike. They then meet on the beach and make love there and in her bed. He returns for more but Nadine (Elisabeth Graine), who is sunbathing naked in the garden, tells him Helene is not at home. But he persists and finds her in bed with Francois. He contemplates suicide by throwing himself off a cliff, but is saved by Corinne who seduces him

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