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Sexy Ladies 18

 Sexy Ladies 18

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Год производства: 2009 г.
Страна: Germany
Жанр: Mature, MILF, Older, Grannies
Продолжительность: 01:36:11
Язык: Немецкий

Студия: Z-Faktor

В ролях: Various Artists

Описание: These ladies all have one thing in common...they have a craving for cock that won't quit! Watch as they entice men to their apartments under the guise of needing work done. But what they don't tell these is they need to be worked over! Charlet milks her stud's cock with all her holes until he can't help but blow his load on her shaved cunt! The aging teacher Anna Lena has always been a favorite in the boy's classroom! But since her retirement she has a new trick to make the boys sit up and pay attention! And Nanny loves to be taken from behind with a huge, rigid cock! These ladies waste no time wrapping their greedy lips around a thick, uncut cock and begging for a good, hard poking until they cum like never before!

Доп. информация: http://www.sexvideoall.com/DirectE/View.asp?ID=DVD63520&title=Sexy

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Формат видео: AVI
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Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 720x576 29.97fps 1215Kbps [Video 0]
Аудио: 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps [Audio 1]

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