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Prick Power-Anal Delights

 Prick Power-Anal Delights

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Prick Power-Anal Delights / Мощь Пениса-Анальное Наслаждение
Год производства: 1991 г.
Страна: Германия
Жанр: Feature
Продолжительность: 01:25:01
Язык: Немецкий
Режиссер: Moly
Студия: Magma

В ролях:
Charly (must be male)
Alain L'Yle as Allain
Philippe Soine is uncredited or credited as Charly or Frank.

By my count this is one too many female names in the credits and one too few males.

Alain Lyle has a scene in camper van with two hookers, one of whom is Carole Tredille, the other a brunette (XNK0632). A man arrives to send the brunette off to another client and joins Alain Lyle with Carole turning a b/g/g into a b/b/g scene - DP. Then the action switches to an adjacent hot sheets hotel.

Philippe Soine has a threesome with two brunettes (XNK0705, XNK0706), Carole brings Alain to peep. Then he has a session with Marianne Aubert - turns into a b/b/g - anal and DP both ways round. This is also spied on by Carole and Alain.

Alain Lyle goes home and to bed with his wife (another brunette, XNK0707) who is releuctant to give him his conjugals, at first - and then he wants to try anal.

Alain Lyle has now acquired the taste and returns to the hotel but finds the girls occupied.

He briefly walks in on XNK0632 and an unidentified man in bed. And then on Carole Tredille who has come to give her pimp his cut and have sex on a leather sofa with him.

Finally Marianne Aubert takes him in hand (and mouth) in the bar. A toothbrush drops out of his suit onto the floor, showing he has come intending to make a night of it.

Marianne Aubert was in the last years of her career at the time, but still looked great.

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