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Erections legislascives

 Erections legislascives

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Language : French
Director: Henri Pachard
Writers: Henri Pachard (screenplay) and Joyce Snyder (screenplay)
(Cast overview, first billed only)

Annette Haven... Elvira Lawrence
Kelly Nichols... Marybeth Von Holenwohl
Annette Heinz... Jodee
Paul Thomas... Nicholas Stern
Robert Kerman... Fritz von Holenwohl (as R. Bolla)
Joey Silvera... Tommy Corona
George Payne... Henry
Chelsea Blake... Pricilla Hasselhof
Jeffrey Wallach... The Sheik Hassan Ben-Que
Joyce Snyder... Nannette Collier
Cassandra Leigh... Volunteer at Sheik's Party
Michelle Maren... Volunteer at Sheik's Party
Darla Davies... Volunteer at Sheik's Party
David Sandler... Sheik's Bodyguard
Louise Book... Campaign Volunteer

1985 : Joey Silvera Won : XRCO Award for Best Supporting Performance, Male
1985 : Annette Heinz Nominated : XRCO Award for Best Supporting Performance, Female
1985 : Joey Silvera Nominated : XRCO Award for Male Performer of the Year
Also for Go for It (1983/I) and Trinity Brown (1984).
1985 : Henri Pachard & Joyce Snyder Nominated : XRCO Award for Sexiest Screenplay

Shot in the election, director Henri Pachard's Public Affairs takes a singularly sexual look at what goes on behind the scenes in a campaign. Paul Thomas plays a corrupt Congressman and wanton womanizer who'll screw just about anyone to win his bid in the upcoming Senatorial race. Annette Haven is an investigative reporter out to expose the crooked candidate, and she ends up exposing more than just a little of herself along the way. When Thomas meets up with an old girlfriend who dumped him back in college - played by Kelly Nichols - he grabs his chance to finally make it with her. Annette gets her man, but she ends up having a few fiery flings in between. Surprisingly classy and well-scripted, this ranks as one of Pachard's very finest serious efforts.

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