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Peeing 4 You

 Peeing 4 You

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Год производства: 2004 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: peeing, fetish, masturbation, amateur, solo, all girls
Продолжительность: 00:57:20

Режиссёр: J. Collin Towers
Студия: Billie West Productions

О студии: Billie West productions is helmed by photographer Collin Towers. Mr. Towers has been a professional glamour photographer for over 30 years and has photographed models in 11 countries, been published in over 20 magazines worldwide and discovered models all over the Southeast and helped them get established with modeling agencies around the world. Four of them were published in Playboy. To date they have photographed over 25,000 beautiful women.

В ролях: Mica West, Charlie Love

Mica West и Charlie Love раздеваются, мастурбируют и писают в разных позах.

Charlie goes first playing the nerd assistant waiting for her friend Collin to pick her up. She starts off showing you her breast and telling you how she can be sexy if she wants to. She has to pee and gets impatient waiting, so she takes off her jeans and pees all over the floor. Some great vocals and super close-ups as Charlie pees all over the place. The second clip is a quickie of Mica peeing in the shower then she is in her playroom with a cute pink shorts set on and she has to pee so she sits on her stool and lets it go all over the place. Next Charlie is in her bathroom at her Florida retreat but the toilet is broken. She has to pee so she bends over and pees with her underpants on. Then she takes them off and gives you a nice long pee. Next Mica is wearing a cute body bikini and stockings and has to pee. She gets a little shy but then lets it go all over the rug. Next she is on the couch wearing a nice hat getting her photos taken when she has to pee. She leans back and after a few minutes of stage fright lets it go, peeing all over the place as she spreads her little tight pussy. The next scene Mica is the lady of the jungle in a cute little jungle set waiting for Tarzan to come by and fuck her. She is so damn cute and shows you her tiger cat and plays with her nice body. She then has to pee so she shows you how they pee in the jungle. The last scene is Charlie wearing her Mickey Mouse shirt and sneakers. She has to pee so she sits on the floor and spreads wide open for you and pees all over the place. This is one hot scene and Charlie proves to you why she is the “best of the best” out there. You just can’t get enough of Charlie. If you like to see nice wet pink pussies pee then this DVD is for you. Two super stars for the price of one. You will get wet watching these two do it for you.

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Аудио кодек: WMA
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Аудио: Windows Media Audio 22050Hz mono 20kbps [Raw Audio 0]

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