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Japan's Next Teen Idol

 Japan's Next Teen Idol

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Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: Япония
Жанр: Japanese, Legal Teen, Hardcore, Blowjobs, All Sex
Продолжительность: 00:57:45 + 01:02:07
Цензура: Отсутствует

Студия: Third World Media / Asian Eyes

В ролях: Shizuki Morino, Yukari

Описание: Get down, deep and personal with 2 Japanese AV girls whose stock are quickly rising in Japan and around the world.... Shizuku Morino and Yukari are Japan's Next Teen Idols!!!!

Shizuku Morino has a baby face and an all-natural body. Her hair is dark and long, similar to her eyelashes and pubic pasture as well. Her boobs are large japanese models that barely hold in place inside her stretched out schoolgirl shirt. Her beautiful bosom are capped with 2 puffy nipples and a pair of raisin tipped nipples that stand on end. Her perfectly formed rack provides for hours of fun and titty fucking too as they bounce and jiggle ever so nicely. Her fur-lined J-slit is rare to medium rare colored inside but filled with sacred J-juices that warm and quickly drip from inside her. She grabs for the J-pole with no hands and is eager to show off her fine tuned sucking skills, as she stares with her big eyes into the camera. J-slush starts to build inside her as a couple of skilled fingers flush her fully out. No AV star is complete without a ride on the Super J-Vibe, which attacks her tits and then works over her lower region, resulting in multiple orgasms from this new idol to be.

Even the super J-vibe isn't enough to slow Shizuku's motor down. She wants cock and she wants it fast and offers up her tits as a staging ground before lift-off. He perfect tits work well in readying the cock that eventually splits her pink and drills her out a little looser than she was before. She screams and squeaks as her puffy pussy gets plugged, and orgasms over and over as the super duty J-vibe is thrown into the action too. She is initiated into porn by gash gobbling up her very first creampie; which slowly oozes from her Japanese clamshell, coating the hotel sheets and certifying her as a high-grade contender for Japan's Next Top Idol.

Yukari is all natural and cuter than a button in her sailor blues. Her hair is long and straight and even without make-up, she is prettier than most girls. She is a swimmer with a perfect body and soft skin. She has nice teeth and a pretty smile too and as she pulls up her skirt and top, we see why she is a candidate for Japan's Next Top Idol. Her tits are Japanese DD cups with well defined nipples and larger areola. Between her stylish legs rests a well maintained Manko (pussy) that quickly moistens and whose pubic hairs stand on end. Her entire body is sensitive to the touch and very ticklish too. She can barely handle a small vibrator and nearly collapses from the power of the super J-vibe. She takes a shower and hops in the bath tub to warm herself, as she sucks some cock and gnaws some tip nicely. She changes back into her school girl dress and gets busy again on the bed, hog swallowing our local J-knob. She puts her big titties to work grinding dick before laying back, spreading her hole and dripping out some J-sap. We stuff her full of cock, as her pussy starts to foam and excrete its thick juices. She screams and cums over and over again, as she takes it in a variety of ways, finally winning herself a massive creampie dumping that drains from her pretty J-flower all the way down to her puckering J-ass. She grabs a taste of that cum straight out of her own J-flower.


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Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~127.95 kbps avg

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