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Dallas-Made In Germany

 Dallas-Made In Germany

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Dallas-Made In Germany / Даллас-Сделано в Германии!
Год производства: 1985 г.
Страна: Germany
Жанр: Classic, oral, anal, masturbation, toys, group
Продолжительность: 79 m.
Режиссер: Pierre B.Reinhard
Студия: WM Video

В ролях: Diane Suresne, Birgita, Kelly Deep, Macha ,Marianne Aubert.

Описание: The film opens on some sort of gathering - JK, his daughter Lucia, Robert and his wife Paula are waiting for Helena to come downstairs but she obviously prefers coming upstairs, alone on her bed and by her own hand. Lucia, JK and Helena's daughter suggest a picnic but JK finds the weather too cold ('Tu as vu le temps?'). Then JK announces his decision to ruin Andreas. JK's daughter, Lucia has tender feelings for her Uncle Robi, she takes him to her room and tells him, but she also states she will remain a virgin until her wedding. But there are other ways for a niece to show her feelings for her uncle and Lucia sucks him in her room.
JK fucks his wife Helena in the mouth in front of Paula after a few simulated slaps on her bum . He IS the boss. Helena and Paula are good friends.
JK calls his secretary, Birgita and gets mad at the fact that's she's wearing knickers. Very bossy boss. Very submissive secretary. Very apetizing too. And very appreciated by both her boss and Andreas after some preposterous and boring pseudo-business-like talk.. And now is the time for some accordion music to pop in ! - and believe me, accordion and porn should never meet.
Anyway, Diane Suresne's two main non-reproductive holes are being made use of and both men have their share of her scrumptious body. (Well. Some business appointment in view, by the way, on the story side - but who cares? Dallax!) JK phones Paula (while busy Birgita's mouth is at work on him. See her swallow his come) to ask her help him welcome his new associate Andreas.
Uncle Robi and his niece Lucia are on a bed. They are very fond of each other. There is more than one way to show one's love for an Uncle without jeopardizing one's virginity. Offering one's ass is sure one way to prove a loving niece! And what an ass! I've never been too much of a Marianne Aubert fan, but I must admit that that pair of buttocks of hers is something to behold.
Later, Lucia enters Helena's room. Helena is aware of Lucia's affair with her uncle and asks her what her fianc

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