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EuroGirlsonGirls.com / DDFProd.com (Zafira, Peaches)
Жанр: Lesbo, Toys
В ролях: Zafira, Peaches
Студия: EuroGirlsonGirls.com / DDFProd.com
Дата релиза: 2011
Продолжительность: 00:17:53

Young brunette babes Zafira and Peaches have a boiling hot lesbian sex with their fingering toys for the pleasure of their shaved pussies! The two of the top Hungarian brunettes in action today can't keep their hands, or tongues, off each other. They also have some interesting toys. Soon after their tongues and fingers have each other's body trembling with desire and juiced up for action they bring out the "finger puppets", these are little dildos you put over your fingers. Once their horny hole are ready they get the vibrators out and finish each other off with orgasmic results!

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Audio: WMA2 44100Hz 2ch 128kbps

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