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Cuckold Fantasies 18

 Cuckold Fantasies 18

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Год производства: 2011 г.Жанр: shemale on female, threesome, group sex, mft, strapon, blowjob, bareback,cunnilingus, cunnilingus, cuckold, cumswapПродолжительность: 01:23:00Студия: Roman Video
Gabrielle is a lousy husband. He never wants to fuck his wife. Poor Nikki is so frustrated by his lack of interest in sex with her. No matter how hard she tries to turn him on, he always seems to have an excuse, or someplace to go when she is at her horniest. How can this be? Nikki is sooo hot and always horny...Any man would want to fuck her. One day the truth comes out. Nikki comes home early from shopping and catches Gabrielle with his cock in another woman's mouth. She is furious. Gabrielle's response "It's not what it looks like" is almost laughable. Well, it's time for a change in who's in charge. Nikki, sounding half crazed, tells the "SLUT" to continue sucking Gabrielle's cock. So she can learn better technique for the future. As both Gabrielle and the "SLUT" protest, she decides to take it up a notch and starts ripping off the "SLUT's" panties. "OH my God" Nikki screams as Gabrielle looks on in shock" It's a TRANNY". Gabrielle claims he had no idea.
Муж-лузер не хочет трахать жену - находит тысячу причин чтобы не делать этого. А ей очень хочется
То что надо!!!! Моя любимая тема!!!
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