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Brazzers - Amai Liu, Tiffany Tyler, Chayse Evans, Jynx Maze

 Brazzers - Amai Liu, Tiffany Tyler, Chayse Evans, Jynx Maze
Название: Amai Liu, Tiffany Tyler, Chayse Evans, Jynx Maze (2011) HDTVRip_720p - Moses
Год выхода: 2011
Жанр: All Sex
В ролях: Amai Liu, John Strange, Enzo Lorenzo, Chayse Evans, Keiran Lee, Jynx Maze, Criss Strokes, Tiffany Tyler, Keiran Lee

О фильме:
Сцена 1: "Amai Liu - Slammage X 2 While I'm Grounded" Amai has a really shitty step father. He doesn't do shit, ever. Amai wants to go to the mall to meet her boyfriend but her step father doesn't like what she's wearing. They argue a bunch and the step father grounds Amai. Amai finds exactly what she's looking for outside in the neighbors yard. Two strikingly sexy young men who happen to have big cocks. Amai bit off a little more than she can chew in this one but its well worth a gander.

Сцена 2: "Tiffany Tyler - Thanks For The Tattoo" Tiffany's getting a new tattoo from Keiran and the only for her to thank him is by sucking his big cock!!! Gotta love those cock hungry teens!!!

Сцена 3: "Chayse Evans - Ass For Free" Chayse Evans is used to getting what she wants by teasing guys with her ass. She has been teasing a local convenient store clerk and getting a whole bunch of things for free. When the boss realizes that his inventory count is off he confronts the clerk about the missing inventory and he confesses to giving it away for free to a girl. The clerk claims that he was helpless to her temptress ways, but his excuse is not good enough so he is fired. She later shows up, without money once again and attempts the same thing on the boss, only this time it isn't so easy and he gets a whole lot more than just a tease.

Сцена 4: "Jynx Maze - Loose and Dirty" Jynx Maze is a new graduate, she makes her first Big Wet Butts debut. The truth is, Jynx isn't your ordinary latina, she's a home grown U.S of A latina, in this scene she works the oil and shakes her ass like a horny bunny that needs to get fucked. She takes it in the ass and takes it to the bank screaming for cum, there is no way you won't be flashing holla signs at this scene.

Выпущено: Brazzers, США
Продолжительность: 02:04:52

Качество: HDTVRip 720p
Формат: MKV
Видео: DivX MPEG-4, 1280x720, 25fps, 4502kbps, 0.20 bit/pixel
Аудио: AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L,R) ch, 48kHz, 192kbps

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