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New Wave Hookers

 New Wave Hookers

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New Wave Hookers / Шлюхи новой волны!
Год производства: 1985
Жанр: Classic
Страна: USA
Director: Gregory Dark

Starring: Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Brooke Fields, Desiree Lane, Gina Carrera, Kristara Barrington, Jack Baker, Jamie Gillis

This movie has been banned in the United States
This is the original film that was removed from distribution in the United States in 1986 The film was subsequently re-edited and reissued with Lords' scene removed and the box cover photo of Lords was replaced with co-star Ginger Lynn's photo. That version is the only one that is available today. .

Hustler's Film of the Year 1985!

With this film you unlock the door to your imagination. Beyond it lies another dimension: A dimension of sex, a dimension of passion, a dimension of uncompromising eroticism. Past the prostitute up ahead, your next stop, New Wave Hookers. Join famous Black hustler Jamal and his punk friend Jimmy as they fall asleep in front of the TV and share a dream of bone-stiffening proportions: As the proprietors of an outrageous callgirl service, New Wave Hookers, Inc., Jamal and Jimmy use the hottest new wave tunes to get their girls hot and bothered. Once they're worked up, the New Wave Hookers set the town ablaze in a flesh-fest of heretofore unseen proportions. These gorgeous girls become the sexperts of the new dimension, trapped in a madcap world where all their secret desires are mercilessly unleashed.

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