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Japanese School Girls

 Japanese School Girls

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Страна: USA
Студия: JM Productions
В ролях: Tia Tanaka, Niya Yu, Evelyn Lyn, Kitty, Lystra, Miko Sinz

Описание: ny time Jim Powers takes on a genre, we can count on hot sex, cool music and a lot of fun. He doesn't just hire girl, throw them on a couch and go to town. This time he is dipping into the Asian chick pond with a taste of uniform fetish, a dash of horny young girl stuff and even a pinch of pedo fantasy stuff. The girls Powers has chosen are a mix of new meat and more experienced knob polishers. Tia Tanaka headlines this great cast of cute Asian girls. She's one of the cutest, most consistent performers in the business. Little miss Kitty also pops up. I don't know exactly how Powers will use her, but I'll bet he takes advantage of her status as one of the most felonious looking young girls in the biz. He's also taking full advantage of those cute little white sailor suits. Those things are so cute that Powers even has his own insignia added to them. Nice touch. Perhaps we will see more of the Japanese School Girls in the future.

Pigtailed Niya plays the giggling tease pretty well. She stands on one side of an empty pool shaking her skirt and laughing at Otto in a pitch that will either make you want to fuck her or shove a sock down her throat to shut her up. Otto get a look at her firm young breasts and opts for the former. She gets a bit smile on her face when she sees his cock pop out of his pants. It makes her gag a little, but not because it's hitting the back of her throat. Niya seems to have a really small mouth and rather forgettable oral skills. Otto stands her up, turns her around and starts fucking her from behind. She's not giggling any more, but her sex noises are every bit as canned and annoying. The action looks all right, especially when she is reverse cowgirl. I just can't tell if Niya really is a flat and bored as she sounds or if she is trying to sound like the chicks in those Japanese movies who scream out like parrots every few strokes. When Otto shoots his seed on her face she giggles and runs off.

Kitty is having a nightmare about Evelyn being chased by a hairy beast. As we find out in the bonus material, this is a scene from another movie that gets cut in with Kitty's footage. When the monster finally tracks Evelyn down, his pops a chubby out from his fur. With the dream turning sexual, Kitty's hand drifts down to her pussy as Evelyn puts her mouth around the monster's dick. Cutting between the sex and the dreaming Kitty is a bit distracting, but the action on both ends is pretty good. Evelyn doesn't mind all that fur as long as she can take a ride on a hard cock. Kitty is still asleep, but has both of her hands working on her exposed slit. When she eats the monster's load, Evelyn triggers an orgasm from Kitty as well.

Kitty get out of bed and takes a leak. Apparently she is an exchange student staying with Herschel Savage's family. He spreads the creepy jelly on really thick as the watches her pee, asks her to do it again the next day and then comforts her in bed the next night. He ha her re-tell the story of the dream and then makes her act out what Evelyn did with the monster. While she is sucking his cock, Herschel keeps talking, laying on the pedo-justification manual mantras pretty heavily. She looks really good in her uniform, but his dialog about how he has to help girl confront their fears is just wood killing on every level. The Asian appeal is obvious, but we can also see it as a grandfather age dude fucking a girl one third his age. The eye candy is good because Kitty is such a cutie with the sort of tight pussy that we all love. After fucking her in mish, Herschel feeds her a load. I really like Kitty, but this is a mostly forgettable scene because of Herschel's high creep factor and P4P friendly dialog.

Japanese schoolgirls are so hot that even other Japanese schoolgirls can't resist them. The two cuties sit on the couch and gossip in Japanese about two of their friends who have been experimenting with lesbian fun. This leads them into some experimentation of their own. Miko is really pretty and even though she is only doing girls these days, is bound to please those who love fresh looking Asian chicks. Miko looks great leaning back and letting her friend do the work for a while. When they trade places, the other girl gets fucked hard by a big toy. Miko dishes it out well, but she can also take it. This is a nice playful scene that is worth watching for the uniform appeal and Miko's beauty.

Schoolgirl sweetheart Tia is busy playing games when Lee Stone sits down for a chat. She is adjusting well, but is concerned that she shouldn't be wearing a uniform to college. Lee disagrees and shows her just how much he enjoys the uniform. He licks her pussy, working that beautiful little slit while holding her panties aside. Tia easily provides the best energy of the movie as Lee works her over. Getting down on her knees, Tia faces that big cock with more than a touch of awe. She opens her pretty lips and lets him slide a lot of meat in there. The uniform is very cute and our little exchange student shows us why we love Asian girls so much. Lee helps her out of her skirt, bends her over and shows her what a cock this big can do to a tight Asian pussy. The reverse cowgirl is great here. Tia still has her uniform and sock still on as she pump up and down on that long pole. This footage is enough to make even the most ardent hold outs blow a load. Once she gets used to that big thing, Tia is lifted into the air for some face to face fucking that is just great porn. He gives a nice wad of cum on her smiling face. Tia is a dream girl in any clothes and looks especially fantasy-worthy in the uniform. She gives the best scene of the movie and is worth waiting for.

There are three bonus scenes on this disc as well. We get the Evelyn/Monster scene without the cut aways. There are also early efforts from both Tia and Kitty. Since both scenes come from young girl lines, fans of that genre will have fun here. Kitty seduces Kyle Stone while Tia has some nasty fun with her teacher. Nice little bonus here for those of you looking for more.

This is a pretty decent flick for people who like Asian girls and want some schoolgirl appeal as well. It is packed with uniformed young Asian girls just dying to fuck and suck at the drop of a hat. Powers mixes in some fun Asian stuff along the way but sticks mostly to costumes and young girls. Tia is the perfect girl for this movie and her finale makes the whole movie worth watching. Miko Sinz is totally hot and even in a veggie scene, generates some great heat. Kitty's scene is good, but it also has a creepy factor that I'm not crazy about. It's OK, but not her best. She's actually better in the bonus scene. Some of the other scenes are all right as well. This is a decent movie for people who like the uniform stuff and young Asian girls. It isn't the best movie Powers has done, but it's still worth a look.

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