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Человек С Горничной - Рассказы О Викторианской Жажде

 Человек С Горничной - Рассказы О Викторианской Жажде
Режиссер: Nica Noelle
В ролях: Stephanie Swift, Nicole Ray, Magdalene St. Michaels, Elexis Monroe, James Deen, Ben English

О фильме:
Gentleman Jack (Ben English) holds a secret grudge against young, blonde maid Alice (Nicole Ray) and is awaiting the chance to take vengeance on the for her rejection of his advances. One rainy day he gets the opportinity - and ravishes the young virgin in an intense, emotion-filled scene that explodes off the screen. Intoxicated by their afternoon of lust, Jack and Alice set out to sexually liberate the repressed ladies around them. Their first "victim" is fellow maid Fanny (Stephanie Swift), followed by pushy, wealthy matron Mrs. Blunt (Magdalene St. Michaels) and her passive daughter Molly (Elexis Monroe). Jack's nephew (James Deen) gets in on the action in a sizzling 3-way (with Magdalene and Elexis). Vivid contract girl Nikki Jayne goes topless in a cameo role in this delightful tale of vengeance and lust - Victorian style. Filmed in landmark victorian mansion, with real period costumes and Elizabethan dialogue. Based on the classic erotic tale Man With a Maid.

Выпущено: Sweet Sinner
Язык: Английский
Жанр: Feature, Hardcore, Gonzo, Anal, Straight

Качество: DVDRip
Видео: XvID, 672x480, 1385 kb/s
Звук: MP3, 2ch, 256 kb/s

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