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Долбежка Дырок 4

 Долбежка Дырок 4

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If you fancy blondes you'll find much to crave throughout the movie, as KIRA LYNNE and AMY BROOKE turn in back-to-back anal romps with the likes of JAMES DEEN and MR. PETE that put a welcome emphasis on blossoming O-rings. This ever-widening action is wrapped up tighter than a drum by leggy VELICITY VON, whose milf-tacular allure and sweet bubble butt underline her conviction that she's "in the business of gaping, and business is a-boomin'." The hot star power and even hotter anal sex continues unabated in the next scene, as bodacious blonde teen sensation TARA LYNN FOXX steps up to the meat microphone to deliver a sexual home-run that leaves her ass TKO (Totally Knocked Open).

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