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Шоу ужасов Рокки Шлюхи: Хардкорная Пародия

 Шоу ужасов Рокки Шлюхи: Хардкорная Пародия

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Rocky Fans prepare... for the 2nd best movie watching experience of your life. Wicked Pictures and Award winning director Brad Armstrong would like to make... a toast! May we introduce Rocki, a porn parody like no other that pays homage to the hilariously naughty cult classic. Like the original, Brad & Janet come across a spooky castle, but this time they find themselves right in the middle of a porn shoot with wickedly funny results. A magnanimous ensemble cast has cum together to recreate the timeless magic that has enchanted fans for more than 3 decades. The names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent" but have no fear, the gang's all here.. Frank-N-Beans is the cross dressing director, Stiff-Staff is the hunched-backed camera man, Vagina and Euphoria are two fabulous porn starlets... and of course, there's the very cosmetically enhanced, boob-alicious, blonde beauty Rocki. Singing, dancing, music and mayhem- they're all here, along with some of the hottest sex this side of Denton. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, as this amazing cast of A-list talent and naughty newbies embodies their beloved counterparts, and bring your favorite characters to life in this X-Rated adventure. Don't dream it... see it! We guarantee complete satis... faction!

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