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Double Confusion

 Double Confusion
Год производства: 1999
Жанр: Foreign, Straight | Продолжительность: 01:27:54
Режиссер: Frank Thring
В ролях:
Caroline Cage, Dru Berrymore, Harmony Grant, Katalyn, Nicole Thompson, Niki Blond, Vanessa Freeman
Frank Thring, known around the world as the King of Kink, delivers a tantalizing tale of mistaken indentities as two glamorous Hollywood actresses, played by Dru Berrymore and Harmony Grant, are plunged into the whirlwind that is the Cannes Film Festival. The women, one representing mainstream movies and the other from the world of adult films, have been invited by different producers. Kevin Long, a French producer, somehow confuses the two and introduces the na

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