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Legends & Starlets #4

 Legends & Starlets #4

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Страна: USA.
Режисёр: Nica Noelle
Студия: Sweetheart Video
В ролях: Julia Ann, Ann Marie Rios, Roxanne Hall, Isobel Wren, Zoe Voss, Raylene, Michelle Lay, Nikki Cruz.

Описание: Legends & Starlets 4 - Sweetheart Video. Legends And Starlets returns with four truly inspired scenes in Volume 4 of the hit series. Raylene is a former teen star fantasizing about recapturing her fame, but lithe young roommate Zoe Voss gives the curvy brunette a tongue lashing - and a reality check of hot lesbian sex. Meanwhile, Roxanne Hall is fed up with snooty step-daughter-to-be Isobel Wren. When the young college student won't warm up to the athletic older blonde, extreme measures may be in order to insure woman-to-girl "bonding". Young Latina Ann Marie Rios is a careless assistant to strict, older blonde Julia Ann. But is Ann Marie purposefully making mistakes to be "punished" by the tall, busty goddess? Finally, older brunette Michelle Lay lets cute Nikki Cruz preach her religious beliefs just so she can get the young hottie inside her house. But when the young pious teen speaks out against lesbianism, toned, tanned Michelle decides to do a little physical "preaching" of her own.

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Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3, Sample rate:48000Hz, stereo, Bit rate:128 Kbps [Audio 1]

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