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Evil Angel - Buttman's Bend Over Babes #7 (2010) DVDRip

Evil Angel - Buttman's Bend Over Babes #7 (2010) DVDRip

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Информация о фильме
Год выхода: 2010
Режиссер: John Stagliano
В ролях: Roge, Jazz Duro, James Deen, Mike Angelo, Alexia Sky, J Mac, Charlotte Vale, Jessica Taylor, Shannya Tweeks, Mandy Dee

О фильме:
Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7 is a brand new release that follows John Stagliano's globe-trotting voyage of perversion across nine time zones over three continents in five far-flung cities, only to reveal that the most exotic location of all is the imagination of the Buttman. Clocking in at an impressive five-plus hours (and not a minute wasted), BOB7 opens with a bang: Russian bombshell Mandy Dee's curvaceous body getting frisked by the trademark close-up Buttman camera. Stagliano gasps while speaking to her in the inimitable Buttman language: a rapid but hushed tone that proves he's just as excited today as he was 20 years ago when he took the porn world by storm with the original The Adventures of Buttman. Not one to rest on laurels, Buttman's 2010 submissions explore new territory in fetish-driven encounters with carefully orchestrated preludes featuring a new breed of gonzo-girl like Mandy flaunting her tits and skillfully gaping her ass with aplomb for ass-lover Jazz Duro, or submissive slut Charlotte Vale, who can handle real rough play and dangerously daring devices. Stagliano's travels include a tough tango in his Parisian suite with French femme Shannya Tweeks, whose rainy day romp with Mike Angelo is at once sadistic and sensual. Back in America, Southern tart Alexia surrenders to a pussy pounding by muscular J Mac. Much farther South, Brazil's Jessica Taylor, an Amazonian, tall stunner, treats Roge to a tryst made magical by Buttman's attention to detail: The camera is literally laid next to her face to intimately reveal her sensual delight as she succumbs to newfound anal-erotic pleasure. This is what makes a Stagliano gonzo so special: the undisturbed connection between performer and director, a bond that transcends the sexual pretense of so much of today's porn and instead merges real lust and art into something genuine that can't be faked. Fans of real gonzo know what it is, and they get plenty of it in Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7.

Продолжительность: 01:15:50 + 01:05:04 + 01:01:40 + 00:58:57 + 00:56:01

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Звук: MP3, 128 kb/s
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