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Wiska - Трахнуть Группой

Wiska - Трахнуть Группой

Информация о видео
Название: Сцена из "Трахнуть Группой / Gang Up"
Жанр: Gangbang, Anal, Double Penetration, Double Anal/Vaginal Penetration, Gonzo, Oral, Facial, Star-Power
В ролях: Wiska, Charlie Stygger, George Reno, Joe Monti, Kamil Klein

Описание: Wiska who is very lean and pretty, is trying to clean the beer bottles from the night before, and is trying to warm up the cuasi drunk guy, she succed, they are having a good one on one fun, when join by another guy and then another and another just before this, she is already analyzed, which leads to the classic DP's but she is not done just yet, there while in RCDP the slide the cock in her pussy toward her ass for a hot DAP, after some PTA and ATP and DP's she goes back to the DAP this time in GC, she is keep one cock in her mouth all the time, you'll see some DV as well in the same position, her pretty face is plastered by four counts of cum, to finish a really hot scene.

Продолжительность: 00:38:38
Язык: Английский

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: MKV
Видео: H.264, 640x368, 29.970fps, 2128 Kb/s
Аудио: 48KHz, AC3, 224 Kb/s (2 ch)


Альтернатива: fastpic




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