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Тюремный член

Тюремный член

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Информация о видео
Название: Jailhouse Cock
Жанр: All sex
В ролях: Nina Elle

Описание: When Nina Elle's husband got arrested for solicitation, the police called her to come bail him out. This wasn't the first time her sleaze bag hubby had gotten caught with his dick in some whore, so Nina decided to give him a little taste of his own medicine. Seeing Johnny Sins in the cell across from her husband, Nina asked the guard on duty to lock her in with him so she her husband could see her suck and fuck Johnny's big dick. She gave him a nice sloppy blowjob and then titty fucked that convict cock until her pussy was dripping wet. Johnny went balls deep in that tight pussy and then busted a fat nut all over Nina's face, all while her husband watched from across the way!

Продолжительность: 00:36:22
Язык: Английский

Качество: SiteRip
Формат: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 480x272 (16:9) 29.97fps 647kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps


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