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Annette Schwarz - Дипломированная Медсестра

Annette Schwarz - Дипломированная Медсестра

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Информация о видео
Название: Сцена из "Дипломированная Медсестра / Registered Nurse"
Жанр: Anal, Double Penetration, Gonzo, Oral, Hardcore, Uniform
В ролях: Annette Schwarz, Jenner, Rick Masters

Описание: Dirty blonde Annette starts her scene in a skimpy white nurse's outfit with most of the middle missing and red porno pumps as she shows off by what looks to be a back alley door. She moves on to try helping bums Rick and Jenner in a back alley give up alcohol, which neither of them seems too interested in. She gets their attention when she pops open her top, and moments later is taking Rick down her throat as Jenner moves around to play with her from behind. Jenner comes back around so she can work her mouth between both cocks with Annette continuing to work in some great throat action. Rick moves around to start fucking her doggie style and mixes in a little ass licking before letting Jenner come around to start fucking her ass from behind. Annette moves forward and slides her pussy over Rick's cock before Jenner moves back in to fuck her ass at the same time, and then lets Rick spoon her ass before the guys DP her reverse cowgirl style. The guys go back to working Annette over fucking her at each end, and finally pop in and around her mouth.

Продолжительность: 00:31:38
Язык: Английский

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео: 720x416 (1.73:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1786 kbps avg, 0.20 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L,R) ch, ~192 kbps


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