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Brooklyn Lee: Nymphomaniac

Brooklyn Lee: Nymphomaniac

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Информация о видео
Название: Сцена из "Brooklyn Lee: Nymphomaniac"
Жанр: Anal, Double Penetration, Gonzo, Oral, Facial, PornStars
В ролях: Brooklyn Lee, George Uhl, Dirty Dog

Описание: Scene Five brings forth the grand finale, as it features Brooklyn and two well-endowed gentlemen out front on the grassy grounds of a secluded British property. Kicking things off in nothing but a fur coat and elegant lingerie, Brooklyn manages to appear both ladylike and bawdy at the same time. It takes very little time for the lads to pop out their cocks for her and even less time for Ms. Lee to put them in her eager mouth. From there, all bets are off, as the trio forms an erotic mesh of flesh, resulting in an assortment of oral, vaginal, and anal action that’s sure to delight. The true highlights here, of course, are the lengthy double-penetration sequences and also the shorter double-vaginal ones—a combination that could be far more frequently utilized in adult. Indeed, Brooklyn’s body imbibes the manhoods of both gentlemen with ease, as they slide effortlessly into her willing holes…leaving no territory untouched or unsoiled. Closing out this volcanic episode, one of the men sprays his load all over her pussy, tummy, and chest…while the other does the same to her face and mouth. Never to leave things hanging, Brooklyn then orally cleans both men’s members. This is mind-blowing material.

Продолжительность: 00:19:28
Язык: Английский

Качество: WEB-DLRip
Формат: MKV
Видео: H.264, 1024x592, 29.970fps, 2079 Kb/s
Аудио: 48KHz, AC3, 224 Kb/s (2 ch)


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