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Любимая игрушка Викиной попки

Любимая игрушка Викиной попки

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Информация о видео
Название: Любимая игрушка Викиной попки
Жанр: Teen, Amateur, Students, Slender, Shaved, Brunette, Toys, Natural Tits
В ролях: Vika

Описание: It's not just male teens that are horny all the time, females have a sex drive matching their age as well, and Vika is one of the horniest school girls you've seen. It's early morning and Vika is supposed to be making herself breakfast so she can go to classes, but the pretty petite dark haired beauty is not hungry, at least not for food. She's hungry for some hardcore pussy and ass loving, but her boyfriend is sound asleep and even if she woke him up it's not likely she'd get what she needs for him, so she turned to the next best thing - her glass ribbed dildo. That thing has been her faithful companion during many masturbation sessions. This European teen beauty with petite body and fantastic figure has gotten her see through ribbed dildo out so she can introduce it to her pussy - waiting for the breakfast to be done is a pain in the ass so she just spends time rubbing herself off, driving herself slowly to a wet teen orgasm her entire body is itching for. Needless to say, she easily gets her teen orgasm with her naughty and experienced fingers

Продолжительность: 00:10:17

Качество: HD 720p
Формат: WMV
Видео: VC-1 (Microsoft), 1280x720, 25.000 fps, 6000 Kbps
Аудио: WMA , 44.1 KHz, , 256 Kbps


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Общий размер: 461,77 Mb
SHA Hash: 9a69c32fd6beef4dc85291b744bc89bcb1d82677

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