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Удовлетворение при отсутствии предков

Удовлетворение при отсутствии предков

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Название: Удовлетворение при отсутствии предков
Жанр: Teen, Amateur, Students, Slender, Shaved, Brunette, Natural Tits
В ролях: Linda

Описание: Her sex drive is out of control, even if her parents weren't going out for a night she'd grab a hold of her teen pussy and get busy with her naughty fingers. She doesn't need sex toys or anything like that, all she needs are her naughty fingers and she's good to go. Hairless teen pussy is tender to the touch and extra sensitive, with her long fingers she easily finds all the right spots and gets herself to a hot happy ending in no time. Of course, she wants to brag with her fit teen body so she set up a camera against her white leather sofa, camera catching every movement of her hips and every moan and groan she makes

Продолжительность: 00:06:05

Качество: HD 720p
Формат: WMV
Видео: VC-1 (WMV3), 1280x720, 25.000 fps, 6144 Kbps
Аудио: WMA , 44.1 KHz, , 256 Kbps


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