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Девчушка заигрывает с душем

Девчушка заигрывает с душем

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Информация о видео
Название: Девчушка заигрывает с душем
Жанр: Teen, Amateur, Students, Slender, Shaved, Brunette, Natural Tits
В ролях: Laura

Описание: It's not just the sight of those nice teen tits getting covered with water dripping down her neck, nipples and stomach, that is hot, true, but playful tease bent over and showered with her back to the camera, with slight curve of her back making her tight teen ass look simply amazing. Any man would want to tap that, and the slutty teen brunette knows that well. After the shower she didn't turn the camera right off, she got the towel and rinsed her body, pressing against her big teen boobs and her firm ass in ways that would get a hardon even from a blind guy, the devious little tease knows that will make every man that sees pictures think of nothing but fuckign her silly.

Продолжительность: 00:05:14

Качество: HD 900p
Формат: WMV
Видео: VC-1 (Microsoft), 1600x900, 25.000 fps, 6000 Kbps
Аудио: WMA , 44.1 KHz, , 192 Kbps


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Сиды:  74 
Пиры:  33 
Общий размер: 233,1 Mb
SHA Hash: 9d9fef5cc495685e78282eb68ba13addaac87849

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