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Marc Dorcel - Мадам / Madame (2005) DVDRip

Marc Dorcel - Мадам / Madame (2005) DVDRip

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Информация о фильме
Год выхода: 2005
Режиссер: Jorn Wolf
В ролях: Oksana , Titof , Katsuni , Horst Baron, Robby Blake, Angel Dark, Philippe Dean, Cindy Lord, Lucy Love, Francesco Malcolm, Jana Pro

О фильме:
Clara is one of Sylvie's best friends. Their special relationship goes as far as sharing the same boyfriend. One day, Sylvie's aunty, Alice, whom everyone calls Madame since she's worked all her life in the haute-couture business, invites both girls to her manor house in the trendy Parisian suburbs. Once over there, Clara also meets up with Alice's husband, a lecherous man who lives off his wife's fortune whilst neglecting her sexually and who prefers paying whores. In order to avenge Madame, our two young girls decide to give a good lesson to the man whilst pushing Alice into as many men's arms as possible. Follows a great succession of Champagne drinking and hot sex scenes that leaves Madame in a state of bliss. An extremely immoral tale, "Madame" is a very well acted film in which female pleasure takes center stage. Various and repeated penetrations, sodomy and double penetrations succeed one to another with an unsurpassed intensity. A new Marc Dorcel production that Aphrodite would be proud of!

Продолжительность: 01:30:04

Формат: XviD
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Видео: 656x368
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