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Marc Dorcel - Красивые мечты

Marc Dorcel - Красивые мечты

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Информация о фильме
Название: Красивые мечты / Belles De Reve / Beautiful Dreams
Год выхода: 1983
Жанр: Classic, Feature, Straight, Anal, Lesbian, Group, Gonzo, Foreign, French Speaking
Режиссер: Jean-Luc Brunet (as J. Helbie)
В ролях: Christine Glenne, Eva Kleber, Catherine Belin, Cathy Menard, Liliane Gray, Evelyne Lang, Gabriel Pontello, E. Lang, Piotr Stanislas, France Lomay, Ghislain Garet

О фильме: The police discover that a series of rapes are all connected by the victims being patients of Dr. Corte, played by Gabriel Pontello as a sort of Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde figure. This one is clearly a porn spoof on the Jekyll/Hyde films, and it has some funny moments mixed in with the suspense/horror, along with several hot sex scenes. Don't let the "rape" scenes dissuade you from watching. A lot of these scenes are tongue-in-cheek and the film doesn't take itself too seriously. The opening scene with France Lomay in the shower is a variation on the famous shower scene from Psycho, but bloodless. The film begins abruptly, btw; even though it seems as though there might be something missing, the credits do not appear until after the first scene is over. Notice the cast is much larger than the earlier Dorcel films. More beautiful actresses this time. Standouts include a hot g/g with Eva and Evelyne (two pretty blondes), and Marie-Christine Chireix with Ghislaine Garet, again -- some of you will remember these two together from the Blue One classic Bon chic, bon genre ... mais salopes. Marie-Christine began her porn career in the early days of French hardcore in the mid 1970s, then disappeared for several years, and made a surprising comeback as Christine Glenne in the early to mid 80s. This film was one of her first following her semi-retirement. Those of you who've been following these early Dorcel films may notice that production values are improving, too, with better camera work, more skillful editing, a lot more music, and more varied scenery and sets.

Выпущено: France / Marc Dorcel
Продолжительность: 01:12:05
Язык: Французский

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Формат: MP4
Видео: h.264, 720x544, 25fps, 2679 Kb/s
Аудио: 48KHz, AAC, 224 Kb/s (2 ch)



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