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Дырка для денег / The Money Hole (2005) DVDRip

Дырка для денег / The Money Hole (2005) DVDRip

Информация о видео
Название: Дырка для денег
Жанр: Feature, Classic
В ролях: Randy Spears, Venus, Felicia Fox, Tanya James, Nikki Benz, Mason Storm

Описание: A man and his bank roll are soon parted.
Randy Spears is about to find out just how deep a man can sink into The Money Hole - especially when that hole looks like Nikki Benz... or, at least, a part of Nikki Benz. And, like getting stuck in quicksand, a beautiful, sexy woman can pull a man down, inch by inch, until there's nothing left but an empty wallet in his pocket and a stupid smile on his face. So what would you give to have a girl like Nikki? Maybe you should watch this movie first... then sleep on it.
This is the only Monty Roberts video.

Продолжительность: 1:19:28
Язык: Английский

Формат: AVI
Качество: DVDRip
Видео: XVID, 1103 kb/s, 512x384, 0,19 b/px, 29,97 fps
Аудио: MP3, 128 kb/s, 48 KHz, 2 ch


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