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Evil Angel - Разрушение лица задницей - Часть 8 / Asses of Face Destruction #8 (2010) DVDRip

Evil Angel - Разрушение лица задницей - Часть 8 / Asses of Face Destruction #8 (2010) DVDRip

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Информация о фильме
Год выхода: 2010
Режиссер: н/у
В ролях: Sandra Romain, Nikki Sexx, Kirra Lynne, Alexis Breeze, Kati Summers, Barbara Summer, Cali Haze

О фильме:
Фильм целиком и полностью посвящен любителям женской доминации, а именно девчушки симпатульки все два часа заставляют парней лизать их разгоряченные анальные дырочки и писечки и не только лизать, они просто садятся на лицо своими булками и парням не остается выбора.

Сцены:Scene 1: Kati Summers looks like the blue-eyed blonde next-door - if you
happen to live by a hot, dominant face-sitter. She's cute with her natural
tits, shamrock tattoo by her thigh and bejeweled belly button, but she means
business. The scene starts in POV-style, with Kati teasing you with her body,
looking into the camera eye and imploring you to worship her. Pervy Jason
stares rudely as she lifts weights, so she sits him on the weight bench and,
still in her workout shorts, sits on his face. His pathetic effort on the
treadmill earns him the sting of the flogger, and once Kati nudes up, the
real punishment happens. She grinds and bounces her butt on his face, forcing
his nose up her ass. "God, I love having an ass slave ... a pervert under me.
I can train him well," she declares. After a thorough smothering she looks
back into the camera and says, "This could be you, slave."

Scene 2: Natural-bodied, dirty blonde Kirra Lynne looks wicked in heels,
thigh-high black latex stockings and gloves. Her tattoos and the gap in her
teeth give her an endearing but dangerous look. Teasing and taunting the
viewer, she flirts breathily and flaps her shapely ass cheeks hypnotically.
"This is your dream, slave," she asserts, and we see her bouncing on the
sweaty face of slave Bubba, his tongue pressing firmly in her groove. Next
she's dominating cellophane-bound slave Jason. As he orally services her hot
holes she forces him to say, "Your pussy and ass are better than my wife's,"
and she makes him commit to daily service.

Scene 3: Naked save for heels and slutty hoop earrings, longhaired Alexis
Breeze shows off natural tits and a broad, fleshy ass. In her L.A. Latina
accent she orders you to worship her ass and lick her asshole, but soon her
shit-talking comes in spicy Spanish spasms. She rides slave Bubba's face and
slaps his dick, which she claims as her own with no fight from the wimp. Still
in his socks, he jacks off and sucks her asshole. Alexis rides his dick as she
yanks on his leash and slaps his face. He eats her holes and pledges his loyalty
to her holes as he masturbates.

Scene 4: Nasty Sandra Romain takes the dominant role and blonde Barbara Summer
is the submissive. The ladies share palpable passion for severe face-sitting and
ass worship, punctuated by filthy talk. Sandra picturesquely presses her ass
cheeks around the face of Barbara, who slides her tongue into the Mistress'
groove. "Don't cheat. Just open your eyes when you want to breathe," says Sandra,
and, "I'm not gonna let you take a shower after this, so you'll have my smell
everywhere." Among rim jobs and wet, genuine kisses, Sandra's sweet nothings
continue: "You don't know how much I hate you ... how much bad stuff I talk about
you, you fucking piece of shit." And with that Barbara's head is yanked
energetically up Sandra's ass.

Scene 5: Dirty blonde Nikki Sexx brings her huge ass to bleached blonde Cali
Haze, who sports gigantic natural knockers. Cali perches over Nikki: "Suck,
slave. Worship that fucking shit," says Cali. "You fuckin' belong underneath
my fuckin' pussy, slave." That leads to a vigorous face-sitting complete with
tasty rim job. Nikki eats Cali from behind, the better to view and taste all
Cali has to offer. And the girls kiss goodbye.

Продолжительность: 02:00:34

Формат: XviD
Качество: DVDRip
Видео: ~1000 kb/s, 512x384
Звук: MP3, ~128 kb/s
Размер: 1.36 GB


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