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Я хочу быть порнозвездой 4

Я хочу быть порнозвездой 4

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Информация о фильме
Название: I Wanna Be A Porn Star 4
Год выхода: 2012
Жанр: Gonzo
Режиссер: Jake Malone
В ролях: Adrianna Luna, Alex Gonz, Aubrey, Cindy Starfall, Eric Swiss, Liv Aguilera, Marco Banderas, Riley Reid

Описание: After a long hiatus, director Jake Malone is returning to his rightful throne, as the creative master of gonzo pornography. The kinky director’s “I Wanna B A Porn Star! #4” showcases five gorgeous girls (with some stunning, brand new faces) — each young beauty in the multiracial cast attempting to prove her ability to fuck on camera for millions. These aspiring video sluts have got the right stuff to earn the white stuff! The fun starts with Asian cutie Cindy Starfall, who takes a sweaty, relentless pussy pounding from big-dicked Alex Gonz and opens wide for a creamy serving of semen. Exotic brunette Aubrey uses her shot at show business stardom to full advantage, riding her partner’s huge cock and kneeling for a hot, spermy mouthful. Perky, all-natural Riley Reid secures her place in the top echelon of porn starlets in a wild scene that pits her petite frame against muscular Latin superstud Marco Banderas. Riley swallows his large prick, then gets brutally rammed from behind; the frisky slut even sits on Marco’s face in a sensuous 69. Soft, cushiony Latina Liv Aguilera takes cock like a pro, and busty, adorable Filipina cock hound Adrianna Luna gets plowed by Eric Swiss in an epic session of hard-core action that ends with a tasty oral cum shot. Jake Malone’s camera makes every girl is a star!

Выпущено: USA
Продолжительность: 00:36:47 + 00:27:30 + 00:45:22 + 00:35:59 + 00:35:05
Язык: English

Качество: Web-DL
Формат: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1800 Kbps, 960x544, 16:9
Аудио: AAC, 150 Kbps, 2 channels


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Сиды:  57 
Пиры:  22 
Общий размер: 2,47 Gb
SHA Hash: 71dfc839406c23642c1b0aa6a5e8c559160fe3a6

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