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Анальные акробатки 5

Анальные акробатки 5

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Год выпуска: 03.07.2010
Язык: английский
Жанр:  All Sex, Anal, Girl-Girl, Straight, Gaping, Toys, Threesomes & More, Hardcore, Gonzo
Продолжительность: 4:57 (01:39:41+ 01:22:22 + 01:06:34 + 00:47:52)
Режиссер: Jay Sin
Студия: Evil Angel
Выпущено: США

В ролях: Phoenix Marie, Dana DeArmond, Kylie Ireland, Sean Michaels, Chastity Lynn, McKenzie Lee, Jayda Diamond, Lea Lexis, Alysa, Proxy Paige, Lara Page

Описание: A biology teacher might define "peristalsis" as waves of contraction along a hollow muscular structure (such as a rectum) that squeeze the contents onward. With five eye-popping, ass-expanding scenes that expose pretty girls' buttholes consuming, hiding and then squeezing out wild-ass foreign objects (and one big, black cock), director Jay Sin's "Anal Acrobats 5" might be defined as a graphic look at peristalsis, with surreal and cartoonish flourishes. Jay has assembled his usual, stunning array of fun loving, flexible vixens, and his vivid camera work captures their anally acrobatic exploits. Over and over he presents crystal close-ups of that breathtaking moment when a big ball or toy stretches the anus to maximum wideness, perched precariously in the pink threshold, about to be either sucked back into the warm, wet confines or expelled with a pop, leaving the asshole to gape open or wink closed. In skimpy bikini and heels outfits, blondes Proxy Paige and Chastity Lynn look like twins of petite girliness, but their buttholes are surprisingly adroit. Toys, balls and a big, black dildo create beautiful gapes too inviting not to tongue, and at one point Proxy's posterior winks, showing her intestinal innards. Jay dresses Russian sluts Alysa (a longhaired brunette) and Lara Page (a flaming redhead) as hot bunnies with ears and tails. Lara's ass ejects a billiards-size ball with a farting sound; Alysa gapes hugely and acrobatically, and this silly rabbit takes five carrots up her ass at once! Beautiful Dana DeArmond is made up as a pretty kitty who likes to trap toy mice in her butthole. She's joined by glamorous, big-assed Phoenix Marie for some gorgeous girl-girl ass licking - Phoenix' long tongue stretches deeply up Dana's sphincter. A striking close-up shows Dana's anus making spit bubbles! And Dana pries open Phoenix' gloriously gaping back door with eight fingers. Blonde Lea Lexis and tiny-waisted McKenzie Lee are wearing sexy leopard print outfits and sheer black panties when golf balls suddenly emerge from their assholes. They play with toys that inflate once lodged in their winking, gape-ready holes - McKenzie's muscular anal ring is super defined as it presses out foreign objects, ready to be tasted. After four all-girl scenes Jay presents a threeway climax of anal athleticism. Jayda Diamonde is a tall, longhaired hyper-blonde with the capacity to take two real apples up her ass at the same time! Kylie Ireland, the redheaded MILF favorite, brings a special presence to the scene with her matter-of-fact dirty talk, as if she's a pornographic middle school teacher. In a country setting, the girls polish apples in their asses till farmer Sean Michaels arrives, ready to plow some back yards. Jayda turns out to be an amazing deep-throater, and both ladies have rectums deep and friendly enough to take Sean's monster prick all the way to the balls. Talk about anal acrobatics - wait'll you see Jayda take an apple up the ass and then push it back out by fingering her pussy!

Качество: VOD
Формат: WMV
Видео: Windows Media Video 8 720x480 1954kbps
Аудио: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96kbps

Сцена 1 - Chastity Lynn, Proxy Paige | 00:39:57 | 608 MB:          
Сцена 2 - Alysa, Lara Page | 00:43:10 | 657 MB:          
Сцена 3 - Dana DeArmond, Phoenix Marie | 00:56:31 | 861 MB:          
Сцена 4 - Lea Lexis, McKenzie Lee | 00:42:13 | 643 MB:        
Behind The Scenes | 01:06:34 | 0,99 GB:          
Сцена 5 - Jayda Diamonde, Kylie Ireland | 00:48:50 | 743 MB:          


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Сиды:  101 
Пиры:  31 
Общий размер: 4,42 Gb
SHA Hash: 17d805a4fd71d1ef1ccbec1794e7ca35c2844176

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