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Безупречный анал 8

Безупречный анал 8

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Информация о фильме
Название: Безупречный анал 8
Год выхода: 2012
Жанр: Anal, Gonzo, Hardcore, All Sex
В ролях: Jessica, Sabina, Daria, Kristy

О фильме: What to do when the craving for a meaty sausage rhythmically pumping in and out of your rectum consumes your every waking thought? Our latest batch of butt fucking junkies is going to find out when they cross paths with some stiff-dicked ... Full Descriptioncum-slinging warriors. Who is going to tap our first? The fiercely proud studs whose appetite for hot young ass knows no relief? Or will it be the iron buns of our anally fixated gang of smoking hot sluts who claim the victory of the day? Either way YOU are in for the anal event of a lifetime as Swank Digital brings you Pure Anal volume 8.

Выпущено: Swank, USA
Продолжительность: 00:52:39 + 00:45:52
Язык: Английский

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео: 624x352 (1.77:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 50 ~1734 kbps avg, 0.26 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~109.23 kbps


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Сиды:  28 
Пиры:  8 
Общий размер: 1,37 Gb
SHA Hash: 08cd3e3831072117686c0197c311196c27a7faf2

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