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Одеты для секса

Одеты для секса

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Информация о фильме
Название: Одеты для секса / Dressing For Sex
Год выхода: 2011
Жанр: All Sex, Anal, Fetish, Foreign, Bondage, Sex Toys
Режиссер: Tanya Hyde
В ролях: Angelica Heart, Lou Charmelle, Shay Hendrix, Alexa Andreas, Angel Summer, Brooke Jameson, Jasmine Webb, Ian Scott, Jay Snakes

О фильме: Tanya Hyde is back at her best with this dark fetish romp to get your pulse racing! First up we have the beautiful Shay Hendrix and busty Brooke Jameson. They stumble across a bound sex slave in their dungeon; soon enough Shay is sitting on his face as Brooke sucks his huge cock. He fucks Shay hard on her sex swing as she screams with pleasure. Brooke has her fix of cock too as Shay sucks and licks her erect nipples. This is a threesome that will make you cum again and again! Luscious Angelica Heart teases a leather clad stud with her shapely bottom; he soon fills all her holes with his pulsating penis. Latex clad beauties Alexa Andreas and Jasmine Webb have some lesbian fun with each other before needing some cock to quench their thirst. Corset wearing sluts Angell Summers and Lou Charmelle masturbate in front of each other before being joined by a horny gentleman.

Выпущено: Harmony, Europe
Продолжительность: 00:59:11 + 01:05:42 + 00:50:28
Язык: Английский

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео: 576x320 (1.80:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1534 kbps
Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~103.15 kbps



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Сиды:  75 
Пиры:  41 
Общий размер: 2,05 Gb
SHA Hash: 1057c64ca13c22a486b40081a02cf357729f4098

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